Why is Knowing your Hair Porosity Important?

Your hair porosity tells you how easy (or not) your hair can soak up and hold moisture. The cuticles of your hair will lay differently depending on if you have low, medium, or high porosity. By knowing your hair’s porosity, it can really help you to understand which products are best for you- the right amount of moisture gives you defined curls.

Low porosity hair means your cuticles are laid tightly flat it is hard for moisture to get in. Often when people have low porosity hair they will notice when showering the water beads roll straight off their hair and afterwards it dries very fast. If you have low porosity hair you need products that will seal in moisture. 

Medium porosity your cuticles lay loosely and your hair soaks up moisture easily and can also hold moisture very well. Avoid overusing protein with this hair type.

High porosity the curl's cuticles are raised so hair absorbs moisture well but does not necessarily hold it in. High porosity hair often takes a long time (even hours) to air dry. High porosity can be genetic, but if your hair has been damaged from colouring or chemical treatments it can become highly porous.